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Correspondence from Salah Choudhury to Naomi Ragen

As you know, every day, when the people like us are increasingly becoming the target of Islamofascists, the media are gradually inside the tights grip of the religious fanatics, who love to promote the culture of death. I really feel the necessity of building a new era, where the peace-loving majority in this world shall have the power to promote the message of peace against the poison of religious extremism and hatred. In 2003, when I began my mission almost alone, I did not know, there were people with rare virtue like you or Ariella or Ami Isseroff or Richard Benkin, who are by now my source of inspiration. You all are my heroes, Naomi, and I have the reason to believe, our victory in the battle against evils are not very far, because, gradually, the voices of peace are becoming louder against the nasty dance of Islamists in Iran or Lebanon or Palestine or in many parts in the world.

Because I say no to holocast denial, no to jihad, no to the culture of death, no to demonization of Israel, my own people abandoned me. My relatives and friends continue to stay away from me and my family, because we are practicing Muslim Zionists. But, I have now a new set of friends and families. My Jewish brothers and sisters. They had always been very kind and supportive to me, and they have taught me to fight evil forces, despite extreme adversity. And with you support, love and blessings, I shall continue my battle from the very battle ground in one of the Muslim nations in the world. And we shall WIN.

May God bless you all, and let us work in unison.

With Profound Regards

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

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