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You′ve just landed in Eurabia

General Doron Almog (res.), former head of the Southern Command, flew all the way to London this week, only to return home to Israel on the same plane without setting foot on British soil. His decision was based upon advice received that, were he to enter the UK, he might well find himself facing war crimes charges.

Britain is not a very pleasant place to be these days. Had Almog opened Monday's Daily Telegraph, he would have read that Ahmad Thomson of the Association of Muslim lawyers had accused the Jews and the Freemasons of being responsible for persuading Prime Minister Tony Blair to go to war against Iraq. As he put it, "It is part of the Zionist plan and it is shaping events."

Thomson, a barrister and convert to Islam, also accuses the Jews of controlling Europe and America and has described the claim that six million of them were murdered in the Holocaust as a "big lie."

And if we're talking about the Holocaust, The Daily Telegraph also reported, like The Jerusalem Post, that Downing Street is being called upon to abolish Holocaust Memorial Day. Muslims are -unsuccessfully so far -urging Tony Blair to replace it with Genocide Day in recognition of the murder of members of their faith.

Ibrahim Hewitt, chairman of the charity Interpal, is quoted as having contended in support of the proposal that "500 Palestinian towns and villages ... have been wiped out . That's pretty genocidal to me."

No wonder Gen. Almog decided it was safer to stay on board and fly home! And he's not the only target. Chief of Staff Dan Halutz and Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz would be wise to avoid Britain as well.

Mischievous and slanderous accusations against Jews and Freemasons are not new. Back in 1927 the German general Erich von Ludendorff published a work entitled The Annihilation of Freemasonry through the Revelation of its Secrets. The book included such pearls as "World Freemasonry made propaganda for the World War and now prevents the establishment of the truth about this war by means of Judaizing our universe."

Naturally, von Ludendorff's views were espoused by Adolf Hitler, as evidenced by his frequent and interchangeable reference to Jews and Freemasons in Mein Kampf.

THAT A Muslim such as Ahmad Thomson should have resorted to recycling Nazi propaganda is hardly surprising. Mein Kampf is a best-seller in the Arab world and anti-Zionist cartoons in many Arab newspapers have frequently featured the motifs employed by the notorious Nazi propagandist, Julius Streicher.

Ibrahim Hewitt's reference to Palestinian suffering as "genocidal" is no less appalling. Clearly, Hewitt is unfamiliar with the true meaning of the word genocide, which The Oxford English Dictionary defines as the "extermination of a race or community by mass murder."

What made the Holocaust unique in the annals of human barbarity was the premeditated and systematic murder of millions of innocent men, women and children for no other reason than because they were Jews.

Those who would seek to draw a parallel between the Holocaust and the lot of the Palestinian Arabs have, of course, a clear agenda. They wish to belittle the barbaric extermination of European Jewry, which showed only too clearly why Jews needed a homeland of their own. If, as the Holocaust-deniers would contend, Jewish suffering was a Zionist invention, then there was no justification for the establishment of a Jewish state.

Furthermore, if Israel's treatment of the Palestinians can be termed "genocidal," then the Jews are no longer entitled to world sympathy because they themselves have become Nazis. Should Holocaust Memorial Day become transformed into Genocide Day, the unique character of the Holocaust, unparalleled in human history, becomes forgotten.

Perhaps one of the most egregious aspects of this disturbing phenomenon is the cooperation extremist left-wing Israelis are providing Muslim petitioners - with the help of a Jewish lawyer who reportedly holds Israeli and British citizenship.

It is to be hoped that the British public, media and government will refuse to swallow the Muslim propaganda line that contends Jews are responsible for the Iraq War, and that the almost complete destruction of European Jewry was just one example of many similar acts of human barbarism.

One would have thought that after the terrorist attack on London's transportation system, British Muslims would lie low. However, this latest onslaught on a vulnerable Anglo-Jewry only serves to emphasize once again how Europe is slowly but surely turning into what some are already calling Eurabia.

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