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Ronaldson demands deportation

Newly elected senator for Victoria Michael Ronaldson has welcomed recent comments from the Prime Minister John Howard, Treasurer Peter Costello and Education Minister Brendan Nelson confirming the view of the majority of Australians, that those who do not share our long held democratic beliefs are not welcome.

In his maiden speech to the senate, Senator Ronaldson said “Jihadist Fundamentalism is the greatest challenge to the Liberal Democratic way of life we face today,” and called for the deportation of those clerics who in the words of the Prime Minister “refuse to accept Australian values.”

Senator Ronaldson has today called on the Government to unequivocally support the deportation of those clerics who preach hate, incite violence and forment terrorism.

“I am convinced the moderate Muslim majority in Australia would support this course of action and I am concerned it is they who will suffer if we do not concisely lay out what is and what is not acceptable.”

Senator Ronaldson continued, “What is acceptable to all Australians is an unambiguous commitment by all citizens to a tolerant, free, secular and egalitarian society”

“What is not acceptable is the preaching of hate and division and teachings which promote suicide bombings as glorious acts of martyrdom.”

As Peter Costello puts it, “Australia is a secular society with parliamentary law, part of the western tradition of individual rights. If you don’t like those values, then don’t come here.”

“The commitment of those who attended the Prime Minister’s summit on tackling extremist fundamentalism should be congratulated for the steps they are taking to ensure that our nation is protected for people of all beliefs and that our nations’ youth are taught the values of Australian mateship.”

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