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Goings on in the Senate

[Senate - discussing the new arrangements for SBS whereby there will be ad breaks within programs - during natural breaks  These are the actual words, not a prank. R.Z.]


Senator CONROY—Is there a natural program break in Inspector Rex? Can we look forward to ads in Inspector Rex?

Mr Brown (from SBS) —We have not put Inspector Rex on the list of programs to be dealt with.

A moth having flown into one of the spotlights and smoke coming out of the light—

Senator CONROY—We are on fire.

Senator Coonan—That is a natural break!

Senator CONROY—This is definitely a natural program break. If SBS are covering this, they can put an ad in right now. We were just wondering whether we could look forward to Inspector Rex having ads.

Mr Brown (from SBS)—Inspector Rex is a drama. There is a guideline established for natural breaks in drama programs and, if those guidelines identify breaks inside Inspector Rex, then, yes, Inspector Rex will have breaks.

Senator CONROY—When he stops for a drink or has some food? I am just wondering what your definition of a natural break is. The burning bogongs are back. Is that you on fire over there, Senator Fierravanti-Wells? Are you burning something? We may need a natural program break here. The devil has arrived: I can smell the incense burning.

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