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Lifted from “The other Cheek”


Former John Howard Coalition partner, Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader Tim Fischer has once again broken cover as a crazed anti-Israel fanatic.

The Howard Government's Chairman of Tourism Australia and recent recipient of the Companion of the Order of Australia, our highest civilian honour is notorious for his support of Arab military backed dictatorships and a virulent hatred of Israel.

Fischer is without doubt the Jihadist's highest ranking ever lobbyist in the Australian government, with the former Deputy PM regularly granted access to senior government ministers when he visits Canberra. At one stage, Fischer was thought the most likely appointee as Australia's Governor-General by his friend John Howard. 


FIscher was recently busted by Ted Lapkin, the Director of policy analysis of AIJAC, for a blatant misrepresentation of his history where he alleged that an Israeli attack on the US Navy ship USS Liberty during the 1967 was "premeditated and deliberate" in a letter to the the Financial Review of July 14.

Lapkin wrote to the FInancial Review himself rebutting Fischer's lies:

Friendly fire incidents are an almost inevitable facet of war. But Time FIscher declares that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the 1967 war was premeditated and deliberate "Israeli attack that faded into obscurity" Letters July 14.

But two years ago, the US National Security Agency released transcripts of Israeli Air Force radio communications intercepts that conclusively proved the incident to be a tragic case of misidentification.

During the course of the attack, two Israeli helicopters were vectored to the scene with orders to pick up survivors. But unbeknown to the Israelis, an American spy plane was monitoring the frequency being used for communication between the choppers and air traffic control.

Transcripts of the Israeli radio traffic clearly demonstrate that the Israelis were convinced that the Liberty was an Egyptian navy supply vessel.

"Pay attention," the controller said. "The ship is now identified as Egyptian."

But upon approaching the Liberty, one of the helicopter pilots identified an American flag flying over the stricken ship. The transcripts indicate that this news caused consternation at Israeli Air Force headquarters. The air traffic controller ordered the choppers to "clarify by the first man you pick up what nationality he is and report to me immediately."

These tapes of Israeli radio traffic, as well as English translated transcripts, are available on the NSA's website. And they are confirmed by Marvin Nowicki, a US Navy Arabic/Hebrew linguist who was on the American spy plane that day.

In a letter to the Wall Street Journal (May 16 2001) Nowicki wrote that the Israeli attack on the Liberty was a "gross error."

This evidence reaffirms the original conclusion of the 1967 US Navy court of inquiry that the attack on the USS Liberty was an unfortunate case of wartime friendly fire. This material is both conclusive and easily accessed.

By resurrecting this long discredited calumny, the only thing Fischer proves is own deep-seated bias against Israel.


The National Party former leader has a pre-occupation with the Mossad that borders on mental illness. His attacks on Israel's security agency have attracted favourable attention the Holocaust denying "David Irving Press Library."

In addition, Fischer once infamously alleged that Mossad was involved in the notorious incident in Memphis where Australian former Prime Minister and born-again leftoid Malcolm Fraser was mugged and awoke without his trousers in a bar.

As Howard's Trade Minister, Fischer appalled many with an unauthorised invitation for a state visit to Yasser Arafat, then leader of the Palestinian Authority who was an expert for wrangling such trips as a means of building up the credibility of the PA. Howard withdrew the invitation but then invited the terrorist leader himself later in the year.


Fischer has built up tremendous credibility with Arab military backed dictatorships, funnelling many hundreds of millions of dollars to governments like Iraq through government agencies like the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation. One sweet scam that redistributed hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer money to the Iraqi Baathist regime via Australian wheat exports.

As we revealed in October last year, Fischer was responsible for $522 million of taxpayers money being given to the Saddam Hussein murder regime.

He has been the frequent guest of Arab dictators during and after his term as a senior Coalition minister and Deputy Prime Minister. Little wonder that some of the terrorist supporters would want to salute one of their comrades on his disgusting victory lap around their palaces and harems.


It's not just the former Minister Tim Fischer with a case to answer either. The Howard Government itself has failed to tackle serious issues of academic corruption in Australian Universities. As highlighted by Ted Lapkin again in the most recent issue of Quadrant (not yet online), they are spewing out vehement anti-Zionist and occasionally anti-semitic views. Lapkin identified the University of Sydney's Evan Jones, Amin Saikal at the Australian National University, Andrew Vin cent at Macquarie University and Scott Burchill at Deakin University as being responsible for waves of Australian taxpayer funded anti Israeli propaganda.

This has a real effect. Often those entering the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade have studied courses run by these taxpayer funded Arab propagandists. They take these views into the Department where anti-Israel views are greatly encouraged. This leads to Australia's foreign policy - essentially bi-partisan - being misrepresented by an elite corp of effete egomaniac Arabists who prefer to cosy up with totalitarian regimes in the Arab world rather than adopt a balanced approach to the Middle East with respect for a fellow democracy, Israel. Often these academics are invited to express the supposedly independent opinion on the Middle East when they have views that border of fanaticism.

All of this is funded by Australian taxpayers, all tolerated by John Howard's government. Fischer is given sweet government sinecures by the Prime Minister and massive amounts of taxpayer resources are misused to push apologist propaganda for the world's worst regimes or to slip them subsidies on the sly. It's not good enough.

Game on.

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