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Here are 26 important articles about media bias as it relates to the Middle East conflict

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Assange saga exposes UN ignorance and ABC’s naive absurdity by Janet Albrechtsen from

Maybe Philip Ruddock, Australia’s new special envoy for human rights and a man with fine credentials on that front, can knock some good sense into debates about human rights. Take James Glenday’s Saturday morning report on ABC radio’s AM program. He said Julian Assange and his supporters had “undoubtedly had a moral victory”. Undoubtedly? Moral? Victory? On which planet? ...
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Yes, Many Journalists Choose Sides in a Conflict - and Often for the Worst Reasons by Zenobia Ravji from

f121118ys05-1024x683.png It’s important to remember that journalists are human beings, too—and just like everyone else at work, they can often be overwhelmed, underprepared, bought with kindness, and subject to unconscious bias. ...
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Those nice Israel-bashers’ Achilles’ heel by Melanie Phillips from

showimage.ashx?id=288663&h=530&w=758.png Why can’t Israel’s self-styled friends understand that the things they say about Israel are not in fact the sentiments of friends but of enemies? Whenever someone says “As a friend/candid friend/staunch ally of Israel...,” you know that what’s coming is a vicious kick to the head. Delivered, of course, purely in a spirit of friendship. ...
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Facebook On Incitement Against Muslims And Jews: A Tale Of Two Responses by Johanna Markind from

On January 18, Facebook launched an initiative to prevent anti-Muslim hate speech on its German platform. But, according to a lawsuit filed in New York state court and a highly-publicized “experiment,” Facebook has no problem with anti-Jewish incitement. ...
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Islamic State plans ‘slaughter’ at Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace and other UK landmarks by Dipesh Gadher, Hala Jaber from

d159ecb26b393be20c8acd95010c8d68?width=650.png Islamic State has threatened to outdo the Paris massacre by launching a “doomsday” attack on Britain - an atrocity so horrific that it will “turn children’s hair white”. ...
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Why media literacy matters by Julie Gray from

Ongoing incitement, shoddy media and agendas disguised as reportage have this region in a crisis situation, with young Palestinians in essence committing suicide while being someone else’s foot soldier in the murder of an innocent Israeli. ...
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Frustrated vs Desperate by Ralph Zwier from

Are Palestinians really 'frustrated'? But they used to be 'desperate'. Is their desperation not replaced by frustration? ...
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Kerry stresses ending incitement in call with Abbas by News Brief from

WASHINGTON (JTA) — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stressed the need to end incitement. ...
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Palestinians: Western Media’s Ignorance and Bias by Khaled Abu Toameh from

1434.png Western reporters, especially those who are "parachuted" into the Middle East, would do well to remember that journalism in this region is not about being pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. Rather, it is about being "pro" the truth, even when the truth runs straight up against what they would prefer to believe. ...
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Next time someone tells you That Obama is Pro-Israel, show them this by Unknown from

vote-now.png This potent video gives a comprehensive synopsis of US-Israeli relations since Barak Obama assumed the presidency in 2009. As he told Jewish leaders then: Look at the past eight years. During those eight years, there was no space between us and Israel, and what did we get from that? When there is no daylight, Israel just sits on the sidelines, and that erodes our credibility with the Arab states.” ...
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Double Standards of Law in the Territories by Alan Baker from

dan_shapiro.jpg?zoom=1.5&resize=500%2c333.png The "double standards" are actually real, and are legitimately provided for under international Law and conventions. ...
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Islamic State’s double standards sow growing disillusion by Hamza Hendawi from

syrian-refugee.png Syrians who have recently escaped the Islamic State group's rule say public disillusionment is growing as IS has failed to live up to its promises to install a utopian "Islamic" rule of justice, equality and good governance. ...
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Please update your preference by Ralph Zwier from

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Group launches billboard campaign anti facebook terror incitement near Zuckerberg’s home by Rutti Blum from

zuckerberg-300x132.png An Israel-based lawfare organization is launching its latest campaign against anti-Jewish incitement on Facebook, The Algemeiner learned on Sunday, as the group posted an explanatory fundraising video clip on YouTube. ...
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Cover up : 15 yo stabbing/murder by Arab migrant in Sweden by unknown from

A boy murdered/stabbed in Sweden by an Arab migrant gets little coverage in Sweden, and no coverage anywhere else much to the dismay of victim's parents. I suppose those parents now understand the juggernaut political correctness permeating European life. A police spokesman said "they were presently trying to piece together exactly what had happened at the school". ...
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Israel excludes Sweden from any role in future diplomatic process with Palestinians by Herb Keinon, Khaled Abu Toameh, Lahav Harkov from

netanyahuandswedishfm.png Following Swedish FM comments on 'extrajudicial killings' - Israel infuriated, Palestinians pleased. ...
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Stabbing thwarted in Hevron - attacker shot dead by Stuart Winer from

000_nic6504478-635x357.png Assailant tries to stab IDF soldier near Hebron; in separate incident, Palestinian reportedly shot dead in clash near Bethlehem ...
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Old article - Social disintegration apparently more horrible than rape by David P Goldman from

Rape scandals are covered up, because exposing such scandals would lead to social disintegration - Says Spengler ...
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US Criminalizing Free Speech? by Judith Bergman from

1413.png Is this House Resolution a prelude? Has Attorney General Lynch seen the potential for someone lifting her "mantle of anti-Muslim rhetoric"? And what is "anti-Muslim rhetoric" exactly? Criticizing Islam? Debating Mohammed? Discussing whether ISIS is a true manifestation of Islam? Who decides the definition of "hate speech" against Muslims? ...
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Reviewing BBC compliance with PLO media guidance by BBC Watch from

Early in November the PLO’s ‘Negotiations Affairs Department’ – headed by frequent BBC contributor Saeb Erekat – issued a guidance document to members of the international media titled “Key Points to Remember when Reporting on Occupied Palestine“. ...
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Time to change the narrative by Melanie Phillips from

showimage.ashx?id=318702&h=530&w=758.png It is the West’s tragedy that it doesn’t understand it is up against exactly the same Islamic death cult that has attacked the Jews in the Holy Land for almost a century. ...
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Preserving the Jewish nation-state-The imperative for a political ‘Iron Dome’ by Martin Sherman from

showimage.ashx?id=251124&h=530&w=758.png There can be little dispute over the strategic imperative for a political 'Iron-Dome' to intercept incoming barrages of demonization & delegitimization launched daily at Israel ...
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The Rhetoric of Nonsense, Fabricating Palestinian History by Alexander H. Joffe from

239.png For nearly two decades the Palestinian Authority (PA) has been denying Israel's right to exist, and a recent "Nakba Day" was no exception. ...
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The Lonely Yardstick by Bat-Zion Susskind-Sacks from

“There are three yardsticks by which the nations of the world are measured,” someone once said, “One for Dictatorships, one for Democracies and one for Israel.” ...
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What must be done - Part 2: Beyond basics by Martin Sherman from

showimage.ashx?id=288657&h=530&w=758.png Indeed, the present round of Arab Judeocidal incitement and Judeocidal violence is merely a symptom of an ongoing malaise, yet another manifestation of the enduring Arab refusal to countenance the expression of Jewish national independence within any territorial frontiers whatsoever. ...
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5 top propaganda techniques used by Obama-Kerry to demonise Israel by Daniel Mandel from

barack-obama_1.jpg?itok=b9oj96_g.png The 5 top propaganda techniques used by Obama to demonise Israel ...
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