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ICJS Research formed to express the concerns of Australian citizens about a broad range of issues such as terrorism, appeasement, tolerance, war and justice in society. We note that these issues are not debated in the media, and where they are dealt with it is often done in an imbalanced manner. We struggle to redress imbalance in the media.

ICJS Research has focused on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's recurring patterns of imbalance in many areas, such as the Iraq War, Middle East affairs, Green issues.

ABC reporters and programming heads consistently make incorrect judgements on what is relevant to report in the Middle East. An example:

In 2003 the Israeli government erected a separation fence. There were three clear and direct consequences resulting from the fence's establishment.

(a) There followed quantifiable dramatic reduction in Israeli deaths from militant activity by Palestinians. Israel's security problems were addressed to some extent.

(b) There followed great international protest about the legality of the fence.

(c) There was a considerable burden of hardship and inconvenience placed upon non-militant Palestinians living and working in close proximity to this fence.

The ABC in the vast majority of its coverage at the time and even today (17-March-2005) stressed points (b) and (c), and ignored the first point apparently considering it not to be relevant.

ABC reporters frequently perpetuate negative myths and stereotypes in reporting on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The ABC has been highly resistant to criticism stonewalling any attempts to correct errors.

This behavior is consistent with BBC, CNN, Reuters, and other international media who increasingly see their role as being an "opposition" voice to elected governments and their policies. We at ICJS Research maintain that Australia's national broadcaster should not promote incitement against any nation, America, Australia, and Israel included.

ICJS Research has pursued many complaints through the so-called "fair" processes provided by the ABC. In all cases the ABC demonstrated that there is no fair and transparent complaints system. Accordingly we want the ABC to reestablish the balance required by the ABC's own charter document and editorial policy.