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Here are 26 important articles about media bias as it relates to the Middle East conflict

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Jewish Leader Blasts Guggenheim Museum for Accusing Israel of being racist by Lea Speyer

1280px-nyc_-_guggenheim_museum-300x200.png Longtime Jewish leader Abraham Foxman sharply rebuked the Guggenheim Museum on Friday for publishing an article on its website accusing Israel of a litany of serious crimes. ...
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W.H.O. Condemns Israel by Lahav Harkov

showimage.ashx?id=326827_xtr_h=530_xtr_w=758.png A World Health Organization resolution stating that Israel violates Palestinians' health rights is "a modern manifestation of anti-Semitism," Yesh Atid party chairman Yair Lapid wrote to WHO director-general Dr. Margaret Chan on Thursday. The agency voted 107-8 with six abstentions on Wednesday to single out Israel for condemnation at its annual assembly in Geneva over its operations near Palestinian hospitals, and claiming Israel violates health rights in the Golan Heights. Lapid pointed out that Palestinian terrorists often operate in and around hospitals, and in 2014 Shifa Hospital in Gaza City was used to launch rockets into Israel, targeting civilians. "It is Hamas and the Islamic Jihad who should be the focus of your condemnation," Lapid wrote. He added that Israel often treats those injured in the Syrian civil war, bringing them into Israel through the Golan Heights. "This orchestrated campaign against the sole Jewish state in the world is a modern manifestation of anti-Semitism." ...
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Swiss bill calls for an end to funding anti Israel NGOs by and United with Israel Staff

anti-israel-rally-300x201.png A Swiss lawmaker has introduced a bill—with the support of 41 Members of Parliament—that would stop all state funding to groups that support boycotts of Israel or “racist and anti-Semitic actions,” ...
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My friend Taylor Force is dead by David Simpkins

Taylor Force was murdered in cold blood by a West Bank Palestinian. Hamas announced that theyre celebrating their martyrs last night. As I write this, there are parties from Gaza to Ramallah continuing all day, and probably tonight. Its not every day they get a former US Army officer who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. For them, this is a great boon. ...
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Memo to Israeli victims of terror: The West does not care by Fred Maroun

Israeli Arab journalist Khaled Abu Toameh has several times demanded that aid to the PA be linked to ending incitement. As far back as 2008, he wrote, The Palestinian Authority is totally dependent on the US and EU for its survival. Why not use the funding as a linkage to persuade Abbas to change the tone and halt the incitement? ...
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Israeli envoy calls on UN Security Council to condemn Palestinian terror attacks by Danielle Ziri

showimage.ashx?id=313719&h=530&w=758.png NEW YORK Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon has sent an urgent letter to the UN Security Council demanding that it condemn Tuesdays three terrorist attacks. Danon explained in a letter to the UN Security Council that Palestinians have committed 317 attacks against Israelis at an average of 2.18 attacks every day. ...
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ZOA: ABC’s Anti-Semitic Terrorism Soap-Opera ‘Quantico’ Defames Jews & Israel, Should Be Cancelled by ZOA staff

60% of Religious U.S. Hate Crimes are Against Jews - Quantico Will Inspire More ...
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From Trumpmania to Euroscepticism: Revenge of the Plebs by Brendan O'Neill

trump_se.png So bring it on, this revenge of the plebs. Lets cheer their rude, intemperate injection of ideology into the flat, lifeless sphere politics has become over the past 20 years. And lets enjoy the squirming of an aloof political class and commentariat who mistakenly thought they had put the pesky masses and their troublesome views out to pasture. ...
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The media is twisting the knife into Israel over the 'lone wolf intifada' by Eylon Aslan-Levy

gaza1_3468948b.png How is Israel supposed to trust the international media when it keeps reporting Palestinian terrorists as if they were innocent victims? ...
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Palestinians are seeking dignity before identity by Bassem Eid

If Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu met Abbas tomorrow, the first question from Netanyahu would be, Whom are you representing Mr. President? The Gaza Strip? The West Bank? The Palestinian diaspora? In my opinion, Abbas right now represents only his two sons and his wife. ...
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Training now available in political cartooning by Arlene Kushner

One great thing Israel has going for her is the political cartoon work of Ya'akov Kirschen He is developing an online Bones Academy to train an army of cartoonists in the art of Computer Based Messaging ...
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Dont worry Israel our MPs are mates with Palestine too by Rowan Dean

We go back to the Palestine Authority. Meet a bunch of dudes who invented the grievance industry. They explain how Israel has been oppressing them for decades. I asked them: "in what way exactly", and they explain, "by existing". ...
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Assange saga exposes UN ignorance and ABC’s naive absurdity by Janet Albrechtsen

Maybe Philip Ruddock, Australias new special envoy for human rights and a man with fine credentials on that front, can knock some good sense into debates about human rights. Take James Glendays Saturday morning report on ABC radios AM program. He said Julian Assange and his supporters had undoubtedly had a moral victory. Undoubtedly? Moral? Victory? On which planet? ...
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Yes, Many Journalists Choose Sides in a Conflict - and Often for the Worst Reasons by Zenobia Ravji

f121118ys05-1024x683.png Its important to remember that journalists are human beings, tooand just like everyone else at work, they can often be overwhelmed, underprepared, bought with kindness, and subject to unconscious bias. ...
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Those nice Israel-bashers’ Achilles’ heel by Melanie Phillips

showimage.ashx?id=288663&h=530&w=758.png Why cant Israels self-styled friends understand that the things they say about Israel are not in fact the sentiments of friends but of enemies? Whenever someone says As a friend/candid friend/staunch ally of Israel..., you know that whats coming is a vicious kick to the head. Delivered, of course, purely in a spirit of friendship. ...
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Facebook On Incitement Against Muslims And Jews: A Tale Of Two Responses by Johanna Markind

On January 18, Facebook launched an initiative to prevent anti-Muslim hate speech on its German platform. But, according to a lawsuit filed in New York state court and a highly-publicized experiment, Facebook has no problem with anti-Jewish incitement. ...
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Islamic State plans ‘slaughter’ at Covent Garden, Buckingham Palace and other UK landmarks by Dipesh Gadher, Hala Jaber

d159ecb26b393be20c8acd95010c8d68?width=650.png Islamic State has threatened to outdo the Paris massacre by launching a doomsday attack on Britain - an atrocity so horrific that it will turn childrens hair white. ...
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Why media literacy matters by Julie Gray

Ongoing incitement, shoddy media and agendas disguised as reportage have this region in a crisis situation, with young Palestinians in essence committing suicide while being someone elses foot soldier in the murder of an innocent Israeli. ...
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Frustrated vs Desperate by Ralph Zwier

Are Palestinians really 'frustrated'? But they used to be 'desperate'. Is their desperation not replaced by frustration? ...
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Kerry stresses ending incitement in call with Abbas by News Brief

WASHINGTON (JTA) U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in a call with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas stressed the need to end incitement. ...
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Palestinians: Western Media’s Ignorance and Bias by Khaled Abu Toameh

1434.png Western reporters, especially those who are "parachuted" into the Middle East, would do well to remember that journalism in this region is not about being pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian. Rather, it is about being "pro" the truth, even when the truth runs straight up against what they would prefer to believe. ...
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Next time someone tells you That Obama is Pro-Israel, show them this by Unknown

vote-now.png This potent video gives a comprehensive synopsis of US-Israeli relations since Barak Obama assumed the presidency in 2009. As he told Jewish leaders then: Look at the past eight years. During those eight years, there was no space between us and Israel, and what did we get from that? When there is no daylight, Israel just sits on the sidelines, and that erodes our credibility with the Arab states. ...
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