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Here are 26 important articles about media bias as it relates to the Middle East conflict

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Why has Labour run the risk of alienating progressive Jews? by Nick Cohen

The British Labour Party’s decision to ignore a widely accepted definition of antisemitism simply beggars belief ...
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The rot set in with current affairs, and ABC news has since lost its bearings by Geoffrey Luck

7cde84f6d37f23b774be0993da7bd918?width=650.png ABC Managing Director Guthrie omits any mention of "accurate reporting" as an ABC goal. Rather, she describes the role of her journalists as “... their relentless drive to ensure that the institutions and processes which are the foundations of our democratic system work to the benefit of that community; their determination to provide a voice for the powerless, the weak and the intimidated; their ability to shine the light on malfeasance and corruption” ...
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Winning hasbara strategies by David Weinberg

This article summarises quite well what those of us who are trying to represent Israel's point of view need to take into account. I reccomend it to be widely circulated. Ralph ...
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Feckless West can’t keep falling for Hamas propaganda by Alexander Downer

The vast majority of Israelis favour a two-state solution with secure borders. But the Palestinians are more equivocal. At best, they regard the two-state solution as an interim arrangement. In the end they want one multicultural state incorporating Israel and the Palestinian Territories. ...
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I said Israel should be ashamed – now I am the one who is ashamed by Daniel Sugarman

gaza9a.png On Tuesday Daniel Sugarman wrote an article on the clashes at the Gaza border. Today he acknowledges that he was wrong. ...
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It’s too late to refom the Australian ABC by Janet Albrechtsen

cassidy_caricature.jpeg.png Given that "Insiders" did not provide informed and fair analysis of the UNHRC and the resolution last Friday, let's do it here. ...
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Me too. I complied with Hamas censorship by Matti Friedman

merlin_138225027_fcddc255-6a0a-4924-96ca-98c78ff477a4-articlelarge.jpg?quality=9 I (New York Times) complied with Hamas censorship in the form of a threat to one of our Gaza reporters and cut a key detail from an article: that Hamas fighters were disguised as civilians and were being counted as civilians in the death toll. ...
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Nikki Haley: Israel DID act with restraint by Carol Morello

t_1526394512047_name_1920_danny_danon_scaled.png Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, told an emergency meeting of the Security Council that Israel had acted with restraint. She dismissed suggestions that the violence was related to the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, and said that Hamas, backed by Iran, had urged protesters to burst through the fence separating Israel from the Gaza enclave. ...
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Does the media really understand the Gaza violence? by Simon Plosker

gaza-border-riots-feature-747x400.png There is only one winner in the current situation and Israelis are certainly not celebrating the bloodshed. The images of Israelis celebrating the US Embassy move at the same time, however, create a false image of Israeli insensitivity. Meanwhile Hamas leaders rejoice while Palestinian Arabs mourn. ...
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Australia blames Hamas for death of Palestinians in Gaza by Primrose Riordan

widget_xtr_td_bio=false.png Details of Australia's current government's position on recognition of Jerusalem as capitol of Israel. ...
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Special alert by Emily Gian

Rocket strikes - upon Israel - by Iran - from Syria. And response by Israel. ...
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Why we must stand with Trump and Israel to stop Iran from creating a Shiite empire by Julie Lenarz

telemmglpict000162879241_trans_nvbqzqnjv4bqqvzuuqpflyliwib6ntmjwfym0yypw4nrz756g A new Iran deal needs to limit all the regime's crimes, not just its nukes ...
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Incendiary balloons from Gaza cause damage to Israeli fields by Matan Tzuri, Elior Levy

8516465099681640360no.png Helium-filled balloons flown from the strip land in wheat field near Kibbutz Mefalsim and in Be'eri Forest; with harvest time fast approaching, the damages to the fields are estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels. ...
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U.S. Embassy prepares to move to Jerusalem by Nadav Shragai

embassy_signs_crop.jpg?resize=500%2c401.png US hammers a nail into the “coffin” of the 1947 UN Partition Resolution that called for the internationalization of Jerusalem. ...
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Labour anti-Semitism crisis: Holocaust survivor blasts Corbyn over row as he receives MBE by Harvey Gavin

labour-party-anti-semitism-row-local-elections-2018-955385.png A JEWISH holocaust survivor who was today honoured by the Queen has lashed out at Jeremy Corbyn over his handling of the anti-Semitism row which has dogged the Labour party. ...
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New York Times editors pray for Abbas’s 'exit' by The Editorial Board

03thu2web-articlelarge.jpg?quality=90_xtr_auto=webp.png NY Times Editors: Let Abbas’s Vile Words Be His Last as Palestinian Leader ...
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Even the EU found Abbas’s remarks inappropriate by Staff members

8502824099299640360no.png The European Union's foreign service condemned remarks on the Holocaust by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as "unacceptable," echoing criticism on Wednesday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. ...
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UNRWA is past its use by date by Morton Klein and Daniel Mandel

409044.png It is past time for two things to happen: the disbanding of UNRWA and its mandate, and the assumption of its duties by the UNHCR. ...
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Killing Jews - a European sport to this day by Jennifer Oriel

Judenrein. It was a normal flight home from Canberra. Passengers fidgeted with seatbelts, put on headphones in a pre-emptive strike against chatty strangers and jostled for armrest territory in cattle class. There was nothing ­remarkable as cabin crew helped with overhead lockers and a proud, elderly man declined ­assistance from a female attendant. As he lifted the baggage overhead, wobbling slightly from the strain, his coat sleeve slipped away. There, on his arm, was a row of numbers; the indelible tattoo of a Holocaust survivor. ...
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Mattis warns of Israel-Iran military confrontation in Syria by Joyce Karam

web-wo27-iran-mattis-jk.jpg?f=16x9_xtr_w=1200_xtr_$p$f$w=9c89d7b.png US defence secretary sees Israeli response to Iranian presence and arming of Hezbollah with sophisticated weaponry ...
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Nikki Haleys speech at UN by Nikki Haley

Remarks at a UN Security Council Open Debate on the Middle East ...
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Haley to AIPAC: Our push to end UN anti-Israel bias is really a demand for peace by Eric Cortellessa

screen-shot-2018-03-06-at-12.53.10-am-e1520294460507-640x400.png The Trump administration’s insistence on fair treatment for Israel at the UN is “actually a demand for peace,” the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley told the AIPAC Policy Conference ...
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Snubbed by EU, Israeli cartoons slamming Iran go on display by Michael Bachner

3-e1519130023650-640x400.png European Parliament vetoes exhibition focusing on human rights violations in Islamic Republic as 'too controversial' ...
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I’m not Jewish but whatever I talk about I receive antisemitic abuse by John Mann

25485.png Imagine what it's like for Jews online. ...
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