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Here are 26 important articles about media bias as it relates to the Middle East conflict

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Terrorist murder of Hadas Malka (Z'L) by a dear friend in Jerusalem

It was only Saturday evening, Motza'ei Shabbat, that I could check the news reports and heard that Hadas Malka had been murdered by three Palestinian terrorists. She was 23 years old at the time of her death; the Pali murderers were 18. ...
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End the propaganda myth that Jerusalem is holy to Muslims by Mort Klein and Daniel Mandel

al_aqsa_mosque.jpg?format=750w.png The Muslim fixation and clamor on Jerusalem is actually a very recent historical development—a product of political conflict, not historical truth. ...
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Inflating Muslim claims to sovereignty over Jerusalem by Mort Klein and Daniel Mandel

gty.jpg?itok=e-adqqf9.png A new UNESCO resolution denies Israel’s Jewish history and sovereignty. ...
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Online privacy guide by Michael Dagan

an air of danger to freedom of speech and freedom of the press is spreading slowly like a dark cloud over the Western Hemisphere, raising old fears. ...
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Israel’s anti boycott law is correct and overdue by Mort Klein and Daniel Mandel

unknown.jpg?itok=qr8vreqk.png The economic war to destroy Israel is dealt a serious blow ...
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Haley demands UN withdraw report branding Israel ‘apartheid’ state by Adam Shaw

1489603583827.jpg?ve=1_xtr_tl=1.png Richard Falk, a former U.N. special rapporteur to the Palestinian territories, is known for harsh and often outlandish criticisms of both America and Israel, particularly on matters of Islamist terrorism. After the 2013 Boston Bombings, Falk remarked: “The American global domination project is bound to generate all kinds of resistance in the post-colonial world.” ...
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Yes, Churchill really was a friend of the Jews and zionism by Daniel Mandel

165246-akjabcfdg.png Ah! revisionism is alive and well. ....Cohen wrote in the Epilogue of his book on the subject that there is a “glaring anomaly” between Churchill’s war time expressions of sympathy for the Jews and the “absence, almost, of any practical measures on their behalf.” This strikes me as a false, defective verdict. I would argue that Churchill’s reputation as friend of the Jews and Zionism withstands scrutiny. ...
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Eyeless in Gaza - no: Clueless in Australia by Morton Klein and Daniel Mandel

It is something of an event when a long-standing friend of Israel chooses to publicly criticize it and recommend recognising Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah-controlled Palestinian Authority (PA) (but not Hamas-controlled Gaza) as a sovereign 'Palestine.' In the case of former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, writing recently in the Australian Financial Review (14 Feb.), this was always going to be newsworthy, given his long role in passionately standing up for Israel in the labor movement at home and abroad amidst the radical furies of the 1970s. ...
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The Jewish predicament by Chuck Volpe

Sooner or later, slowly or in an instant, you become aware that you are a member of a despised group with a history of almost constant suffering. It may come when you hear your grandmother say: “they hate us” or when you first hear about the Holocaust. But once you are aware of it, you will never be same again. You will forever be unsettled, thrown off balance, your confidence impaired, your former certainties gone. The world will be a different place, and in your mind, the question “Why” will resonate endlessly. It is a question without a clear answer. ...
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Donald Trump’s election a rejection of identity politics by Paul Kelly

3cb7c947.png Let’s be clear: emotions and claims of mental damage have ­become political weapons to be ruthlessly deployed. This is a core tactic of identity politics. ...
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